I’m still using a Mid-2014 13″ MacBook Pro with Retina Screen. I love it, but I’m thinking about exploring lighter options so I can take a computer with me while I travel. I use Airmail for all of my e-mail needs and Ulysses for writing and organizing papers, research, and blog posts. For larger writing projects I use Scrivener 3. For journaling I use Day One. I’m a fan of its ability to have multiple journals, password protect the app, and the ability to use IFTTT to automatically save Instragram photos to a journal. For coding, I use Sublime Text 3. It meets most of my needs as a Data Analyst and a student. For bill management I use a combination of Chronicle, Banktivity 6, Mint, and Excel. I’m looking at pairing down how many apps I use for financial management because I don’t think I need all four. For music, I use a combination of Apple Music/iTunes and Spotify. I can’t live without 1Password, Dropbox, and OneDrive. For photo editing I use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC.


I carry around a 9.7″ iPad Pro, Smart Cover for iPad, and an Apple Pencil, which is a must if you have the iPad Pro. I mainly use my iPad for photo editing on the fly, journaling and writing, and education purposes. I use GoodNotes to take notes and sketch. I also use OneNote. I use Coursera if I’m taking a course to update my skills or learn new ones. For photo editing I use my SD Card adapter, various Photoshop and Lightroom apps, and Procreate.


I’m currently using an iPhone 8 Plus.

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