July 2018 Media Diet

These are all the things that I consumed media wise in July.

The World Cup – 5/5. There were so many great games. So many upsets.

Star Trek: Voyager – 4/5. We started in April and finally finished. I haven’t connected with the characters as well as I did in TNG and DS9 but it’s still a great show.

Star Trek: Enterprise – 3/5 so far. Just started season 2. Definitely watch on Netflix so you can skip that horrible Rod Stewart intro.

Deception – 4/5. This show was cancelled by ABC and while it was a bit campy and definitely quirky I thought it would have made a decent show. The first season is available on iTunes if you want to check out something new.

I’ve finally finished Killing Eve. 5/5.

I’ve also finally started The Americans. I have no idea why I didn’t watch this before it ended but here we are. 4/5

Snatched – 1.5/5. I watched it because I love Goldie Hawn. She couldn’t save this.

Set It Up – 3.5/5. One of Netflix’s original movies, this rom com is cute and bad for all the right reasons.

Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta – 4/5. This was a beautiful novel. It tells the story of Ijeoma as she navigates a civil war in Nigeria and discovering that she is a lesbian. “I thought once more about the way that life so often takes us the long way around. But perhaps it didn’t matter, long or short, as long as we eventually found our way to where we needed to be.”

Black Panther: A Nation Under Our Feet, Books 1-3 – 5/5. This is a such a great series.

Small Country by Gaël Faye – 5/5. Emotionally complex, beautifully written, heartbreaking. One of the best books I’ve read so far this year.

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera – 4/5. “People are complicated puzzles, always trying to piece together a complete picture, but sometimes we get it wrong and sometimes we’re left unfinished. Sometimes that’s for the best. Some pieces can’t be forced into a puzzle, or at least they shouldn’t be, because they won’t make sense.”

Season 2 of In The Dark – 5/5. The first season of In The Dark was great but the second season has blown me away. It’s very informative and highlights so many problems with the Criminal Justice system.

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway – 5/5. Hemingway writes broken people really well. If you’re looking for a story that describes war in detail, this isn’t it. However, it captures the loneliness and sadness and anxiety and worry of war really well.

Still Lives by Maria Hummel – 3/5. This book was good but I didn’t find anything particularly great about it. It held my interest and followed the familiar mystery/thriller pattern.

How It Ends – 4/5. This isn’t an Oscar movie. It’s a really great end of the world action movie. It was suspenseful enough and crazy enough to keep my interest.

America, Vol. 1: The Life and Times of America Chavez by Gabby Rivera – 5/5. This was a great comic. Bonus because it has so many queer characters.

America, Vol. 2: Fast and Fuertona by Gabby Rivera – 5/5. See above.

Paper Girls, Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan – 5/5. There’s so many things going on here that I love. Time travel, the 80s, Aliens (?).

The Kissing Booth – 4/5. This was a great rom-com and I liked how it wasn’t a typical teen movie.

Published by Vito Anastasia

Vito is a Business Intelligence Analyst with a love for civics. He is an active advocate and activist, especially in the LGBTQ community. He lives in Bethesda, MD with his dog and cat.

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