Why Co-Ed Sports Leagues Are Never Really Co-Ed

Co-ed social sports leagues aren’t really co-ed. They’re men’s leagues, where women are required to be present for the game to happen.

From Why Co-Ed Sports Leagues Are Never Really Co-Ed

I play in two sports leagues–one kickball league and one softball league. They both have gender ratios that you need to maintain on field in order to play a game, however I have very different experiences between the two leagues and that’s mostly because of the teams I play on.

My kickball team is great and I’ve never felt like I wasn’t allowed to play or wasn’t a valued member of the team. Softball, on the other hand, is different.

Our Team Captain is a woman but within the first two weeks of playing one of the guys staged a coup to take over the team. He wanted more playing time, he wanted a better batting position, so he forced his way into managing the team. I was relegated to Right Field despite having no outfield experience. I’m also one of the more experienced players on the team. Men get the best positions, both on offense and defense. When the men on the team started complaining because there were too many men on the team, they didn’t care at all that there weren’t any subs for women.

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